About Us

Message From Dr. Pankaj Painuly

My interest in homeopathy first arose from a combination of love of philosophy with the striving for spiritual evolution on a personal and global level.
Successful homeopathic treatment penetrates the core of one’s being, releasing the spiritual block that is the stem on which disease grows. Freedom from disease in the homeopathic sense not only alleviates suffering, but in the process, contributes to emotional maturation and to freedom to pursue the highest goals of our existence.
Homeopathy is far more than an adjunct or substitute for medical intervention: it is a powerful tool for spiritual development, and as such it can help overcome many illnesses that cannot be addressed by conventional means because they represent spiritual challenges. Globally I envision homeopathy as a system of healing in increasingly wider use. My goal is to share the healing power of homeopathy with patients, both locally and online.

Dr. Pankaj Panuly, B.H.M.S.

Our Approach :

Specialty clinic follows the classical homeopathy approach i.e. we treat the individual and not just his symptoms. We follow the individualistic and totalistic approach which considers the whole individual for treatment and not just the disease symptoms. We assure to alleviate your sufferings provided you give us a correct and honest history.

Our Mission :

Our Mission is to become a world class health care provider by curing diseases hitherto consider incurable, through Homoeopathy the sublime healing art gifted to the world by Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann and to scale the zenith of compassion and excellence in our service to sick humanity. Our team comprises of Doctors who are keen to help the sick, and their only mission is to bring about permanent cure and restore the sick to health without further complicating the case.