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Dr. Pankaj Painyuli treated and cured number of incurable diseases such hair falls in men and women, Hepatitis-B, Infertility in male or female, leukemia, skin diseases and many more.
His mission is to provide a world class homeopathic care to cure chronic diseases through Homeopathy, art of healing invented by Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann.

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    Homeopathic Clinic in Dehradun

    Homeopathic Doctor in Dehradun 

    Like with like
    Homeopathy relies on the principle of like treats like, that is, the substance which causes certain symptoms when are taken in large doses, is utilized in small quantity to treat similar symptoms, for an example, intake of large amount of coffee often causes sleeplessness and anxiety, so according to the above principle, when a homeopathic medicine is made, it should somewhat treat people suffering with sleeplessness and anxiety.
    This principle of like treats like is also employed in conventional medicine, as an example, a stimulant called Ritalin is utilized to treat patients suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and in some cases a tiny dose of allergens, like pollen are given to allergic patients to de-sensitize them. However in homeopathy the medicinal doses, also referred to as remedies, are so dilute that it doesn't have toxic side-effects.

    Origin of Homeopathy
    The current form of homeopathy has been widely used worldwide for around 200 years, though it dates back to 460 BC when Hippocrates discovered it.
    Homeopathy was discovered by Samuel Hahnemann, a doctor who was trying to seek out some way to reduce the damaging and harmful side effects of the medical treatment of his days, even including the usage of poisons. He then started experimenting on himself and also on a number of healthy volunteers, in his experiment he gave a small quantity of medical dose and kept reducing the dosage routinely, he discovered that along with reducing the toxicity, the small dosed in the medicines started becoming more practical as the medicine was effective.
    Homeopathic Clinic in Dehradun in its preparation use mineral, plant, animal and artificial substances. Sugars, typically lactose, are accustomed make homeopathic pills, on which a drop of liquid containing a awfully bit of vigorous ingredient is coated and is left to evaporate. These are remarked as highly diluted.

    What is homeopathy used for?

    Doctors have been using homeopathic medicine in variety of aspects from daily health care to treating a decent range of long-term illnesses, like allergies, arthritis, dermatitis, autoimmune disease, and painful bowel syndrome. Homeopathic medicines is also used to treat minor injuries, like muscle cramps, sprains and wounds and cuts.

    Homeopathic practitioners are widely employed in India, regions of Indian subcontinent, England, and other European countries.

    What to expect when I take treatment?

    Homeopaths generally ask the patient to explain that does the symptoms change looking on the weather and other external factors. They also gather information supported the patient’s mood, one’s likes and dislikes, their physical, emotional and mental states, life circumstances, personality and physical or emotional illnesses.

    Based on the data, the homeopath will tell you the course of medication and treatment, which generally takes the shape of homeopathic remedies which are pills, capsules or tincture.

    The homeopathic doctor will suggest you to visit and have appointments to make sure that the remedy is working for you.

    Disease Homeopathic Medicines Treat?

    Homeopathy is utilized for a very big variety of health conditions. Among the foremost common conditions that individuals seek homeopathic treatment for are:

    • Asthma
    • Ear infections
    • Pollinosis
    • Psychological conditions which includes anxiety, depression and stress.
    • High blood pressure
    • Dermatitis, skin related disease
    • Arthritis
    • Allergies

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    • The holistic approach of homeopathy caused me to reconsider everything that I thought I knew about health. With the care and support provided by Dr. Pankaj Clinic my treatment has been very successful.

      Surendra singh
    • I appreciated the way in which Dr. Pankaj Painuly contextualized my problem, pointing out that inherited conditions form part of a miasma that could have originated many generations before. A tiny dosage of a homeopathic remedy was all that was needed to rectify the problem and alleviate the pain.


    DR. PANKAJ CLINIC : Best Homeopathic Treatment in Dehradun


    Homeopathy is far more than an adjunct or substitute for medical intervention: it is a powerful tool for spiritual development, and as such it can help overcome many illnesses that cannot be addressed by conventional means because they represent spiritual challenges.